Tuesday, September 20, 2011

House of witch

Travis Egedy aka Pictureplane is just unintentionally too cool to handle and he is doing great music. Even if you get seizures from all the hipstershit fakery out there.

Travis Egedy aka Pictureplane nem szándékoltan akkora király, hogy nem igaz és durván jó zenét csinál. Akkor is szerizni fogod, ha rángógörcsöt kapsz az odakünn kavargó hipszter kamettitől .

also the videos are worth a clap!

a vidiók is megérnek egy tapsit!

and a freaking legit music/lifecoach list by Travis Egedy:
13 Rules To Make A Great Witch House Song

1. dont listen to any "witch house". create from your inner witch.

2. eat pomegranate. a lot. and use your hands to separate the seeds from the outer skin, dont buy pre separated seeds.

3. study the "your body" video by psychic TV, and the essays "T.A.Z", "sorcery", and "immediatism" by Hakim Bey, and "thee splinter test" by genesis P. orridge.

4. fuck. a lot.

5. take MDMA and go to a strip club.

6. keep onyx with you at all times, keep citrine in the the space where you create, travel with moonstone, and give the gift of jade to someone special.

7. scent yourself with oils, stay away from pesticides, and find a shade of lipstick that suits your face.

8. do graffiti.

9. have fun, stop to smell the roses, and frolic in a fucking sunny meadow.

10. quit your job.

11. listen to DJ nate.

12. understand you have been lied to your whole life. and that nothing is permanent.

13. FEEL.

Got it? Now after you've mastered the 13 steps as prescribed by Travis above, then you can go forth and find your Witch House Band Name.

then listen to this:

aztán idehallgass:


Oh yeah, can someone please dry hump CRYSTAL CASTLES' ass?!

Oh igen, nem tudná valaki szárazon megtoszni a CRYSTAL CASTLES seggét?!

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