Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ode To Bela

Let's hope, that Bela Borsodi doesn't mind a little prostate ego massaging (like he gives a damn, anyway) 'cause actually he is one of the reasons why this blog was created. After 2 years, digging through many sites, many images, reading out the whole internet basically, it now can be stated that Mr. Borsodi is really LE THING in the moor of photographers. 

He has a style, which never gets tired (he was doing collaging before you were housebroken) and he has such a smart sense of humour that you have to bow down and worship his footsteps forever. Because this is really fucking hard to have.

And I am almost sure that his grandparent was Hungarian and this makes him even more perfect. 

OOh, I love you so!


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